Paucity: Interview with the Band

Paucity, it’s that simple

Contrary to popular belief, there are many instrumental rock and alternative bands out there. It is a desired sound that one must get used to. Some people like to be able to sing along to the music they listen to, like me, but some people just like to get into the music itself without the added “annoyance” of lyrical ability. Really, there are so many bands out there with horrible lyrics that make you question what drugs they were on when they wrote the songs that maybe it is a good time to learn about another lesser known genre of music. Grand Rapids is ready to share their pride and joy with you in an interesting little quartet simply known as Paucity.

Paucity has been around a few years, but they’ve only just released their sophomore album, Deer Bird Bear Ship. Why did it take this band four years to release a second album? Well, part of it was line-up changes, but now that the band has a permanent line-up, they finally had time to come up with some new material, according to guitar player Wekenman.

The band, you may want to know, is Jared Wekenman on guitar, Kertis Lytle on bass, Sam Hutchinson on drums and Ric Carroll on keys. Although the band has gone through numerous line-up changes Wekenman says “we’ve worked with some great musicians over the last few years, but something about the combination of our four personalities makes us more productive.”

I was curious as to what would drive someone to start an instrumental band; Wekenman explained “Kertis and I were in a band called Formerly Known that broke up. Ben Hunter (Head, Love Fossil) introduced us to Sam (drums). The three of us started auditioning singers, but when Ric joined as a keyboardist, the music started sounding complete to us without vocals. We were still half heartedly looking for a singer for a while, but we could never all agree on the same person and it wasn’t long before we just decided we were having fun as a four piece.” He added that “the public reaction has been really positive, and we feel lucky that the Michigan scene has been so receptive to an instrumental band. We do have a dedicated group of regulars in west Michigan. We seem to appeal most to other rock musicians.”

It seems that being sans singer makes for a more laid back band also, Carroll says there are “no struggles” and that band life is “way easier as an instrumental”. And Wekenman adds, “I agree, for many reasons, but mostly because getting a good vocal mix live is a pain in the nuts. We can put on a good sounding show any place that has power because we rehearse without a PA.”

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