Penelope Houston, On Market Street – CD Review

The first thing that stood out to me about this CD jumped out before I even got it into my player! The packaging is made from recyclable materials. The CD was held onto its clever case by a piece of cork too! I love it. All CD’s should come in this type of packaging. It’s magnificent! Down with plastic!

Now to the actual music.

This is Houston’s 7th studio album. It is full of mellow music, full of feeling and stories from her own life, as well as things happening in the world around us all. Her lyrics aren’t just random words thrown together. She has a strong voice and a grip on her varied talent. Her selected musicians playing on each song know what they are doing and the instrumentation does nothing more than enhance the singers vocal delight.

Those that enjoy independent music with a different sound, that prefer their music not overplayed on the airwaves, will love this album.