Pete Doherty, “Grace/Wastelands”

Better known for his previous work with The Libertines and more recently with Babyshambles, British punk rocker Pete Doherty has gone solo. His first release on his own, Grace/Wastelands portrays a different side of him than he has shown in his past with his group efforts. Far more mellow on his own, this album is more like a collection of passionate stories and moments from Doherty’s life and mind. You still feel what it is to have Pete Doherty singing the songs, but he has definitely taken a different, more melodic avenue with this album.

Many who have seen Doherty live will recognise a few of the songs on this album as he had performed a few as part of his live show, before putting them down to be recorded for an album. The rest were recorded specifically for this release.

Guest artists on the album include guitarist Graham Coxon of Blur, Scottish singer Dot Allison, who co-wrote the duet “Sheepskin Tearaway” with Doherty, as well as Babyshambles members Mick Whitnall on guitar, Drew McConnell on bass, and Adam Ficek on drums.

While this album may be a bit of an adjustment for old Doherty fans, I think he will certainly find some new ones with the collection of songs he has gathered, it is well worth a listen. It is almost like that one low-key song on a punk albumÉ but in this case, all 12 songs are that song.

1. Arcadie
2. Last Of The English Roses
3. 1939 Returning
4. A Little Death Around the Eyes
5. Salome
6. I Am The Rain
7. Sweet By And By
8. Palace Of Bone
9. Sheepskin Tearaway
10. Broken Love Song
11. New Love Grows On Trees
12. Lady Don’t Fall Backwards

Released 24 March 2009