Peter Bradley Adams, Between US – CD Review

Peter Bradley Adams delivers in this fourth album, Between Us, a mellow, ultra-low key collection of songs.  They could easily lull you into a deep sleep or a state of total relaxation.  Already having had songs appear in many well-known television shows such as “The Mentalist”, “One Tree Hill” and “Brothers and Sisters” he is a veteran on the scene.

The album is primarily vocals and acoustic guitar.  There are others but these are what stand out to me the most.  A few of the songs have that almost Jayhawks kind of feel, minus the quirkiness.  Peter Bradley Adams seems a serious, romantic artist to me.  His stories are very sweet and gentle, almost so gentle that the underlying emotion is unclear.  You know what it should be, but the intensity is not there, just the soothing sound of his voice, even and consistent.

As the fourth in a series of albums that Adams’ has recorded as a solo project, it is clear he is still finding his direction and voice as a singer/songwriter.  This evolution of his music is not complete, but progressing well.

The harmonies on several songs are well done, not to overpower Adams’ gentle voice; they serve to add depth at moments of intensity.  The elegant arrangements found on this album are genuine and heartfelt.