Pretty Lights at The Fillmore Detroit

It was an oddly warm and foggy night in Detroit, especially for the middle of November. It was perfect as no one wants to go to an electronic show in a triple fat goose jacket. The perfect night and perfect place to see a show at The Fillmore in the D. I was on hand to see Pretty Lights. Described as down-tempo/electronica/ hip hop this group consist of a DJ, Derek Vincent Smith and new live drummer Adam Deitch, who joined this summer. Pretty Lights have been crisscrossing the US this year in promotion for his three EP’s that he has released this year, which are available for FREE on his website along with all of his other music  at

Walking into the Fillmore felt like walking into a college party at a school you don’t go to.  The crowd was thick and everyone was looking good as we passed through security, who I am sure were all moonlighting from their day jobs as enhanced screeners for TSA. Though with my (shameless plug) 100% hemp Satori Movement hat with secret squirrel pocket, I was good to go. There were two openers, though I missed the first one I was able to see Michal Menert. He was pretty slick, the perfect music to get me excited about what was coming.

Standing up by the bar (I know, surprise) with some friends, I wait for the lights to drop and enjoy some conversation a slight hip movement from the DJ’s music blasting out at us. Mid conversation instant night settles upon us as I am simultaneously bombarded by a throng of people making their was up front as well as serious digital light glory from the massive screen on stage.

The band comes out with the DJ set up behind a huge table with it’s own copy of the screen engulfing the stage, armed with two slick Apple computers and more knobs and buttons than Spaceball One. The show kicks off and with furious speed the crowd falls right into the groove. I personally have to give it up to these guys, the flow of this show was just epic. The music itself is just top notch, but live pretty Lights shows itself to be a master, one of the greats by far.

So for about an hour and a half i found myself on the floor and like most around me not fueled by Red Bull’s “pill” version, I was tired with a maniacs grin. This is the thing, with the crowd so tight, there was no room to dance. Yet, we shall find a way, as the crowd moved together we became one dancing entity. The set itself was just such highs and lows of electronic emotion , that I want to call him a progressive electronic artist, it’s that good.

When it was over, the crowd wanted more. This was not like some metal show with lighters in the air and people screaming PRETTY LIGHTS, over and over again. No, this was five minutes, five whole minutes of a crowd screaming as one. The noise was louder than a fleet of jets. This was five whole minutes straight of a barrage of glows sticks, thousands of glows stick flying to the stage from all directions. This was love, pure love and enjoyment. We showed the love and were rewarded with thirty more minutes from the duo. That how Pretty Lights showed the love back. Kind of like some monumental hug, just more comforting.

Pretty Lights Website: