Queensryche: 20th Anniversary of Empire

20 years ago Queensryche shot to the top of the rock n’ roll world with one song, “Silent Lucidity”.  I remember this well.  I was in my senior year of high school and all you heard was Queensryche.  I remember their performance on one of the many music award shows.  I also remember the album spawned three more singles: “Jet City Woman”, “Anybody Listening” and the title track, “Empire”.

Now, 20 years later, Empire is just as powerful an album as it was in 1990.  The 20th Anniversary Edition not only includes Empire, in its entirety, but also includes three bonus tracks.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “That’s it?  20th anniversary and all we get is 3 bonus tracks?”  How about a bonus, live CD?  Recorded in London, the live CD captures the band on their Building Empires tour.  This was the band first major headlining tour.  There are a few other surprises in the 20th anniversary box but I’ll leave those for you to discover.

2010 Capitol Records