Queensryche: Dedicated to Chaos

Dedicated to Chaos
2011 Roadrunner Records

If there is something I have to keep reminding myself it is not to expect a band to keep releasing their hit album over and over again. Some bands try to stay 20 something, some try to change to fit what is “in” and some just mature. Queensryche falls into the later category.

DEDICATED TO CHAOS lives up to the title. So, no, this is not EMPIRE. Instead, it is, for lack of a better word, a hodgepodge of different songs or different sounds. Some how they make it work.
The rocker, “Get it Started” kicks off the CD. “Got It Bad” is kind of a funky song while tracks like “Wot We Do” and “Around the World” smack of “Della Brown” and “Jet City Woman”.
If you’re not into the experimentation of some of the earlier songs on DEDICATED TO CHAOS then just skip ahead. The end of the disc has that hard rocking sound that might take you back to earlier releases such as OPERATION: MINDCRIME.

Some fans may not react well to DEDICATED TO CHAOS, but let’s face it, you can’t please everyone all the time. I DO like this album. There is a lot on this disc that will please a lot of people. I recommend picking up Queensryche’s DEDICATED TO CHAOS.