Queensryche Live at The Orbit Room

Aug. 17th 2011
The Orbit Room
Grand Rapids MI

I know I have said this before, but I hate it when there are more than two unknown bands opening for a big national. This time was no different, or so I assumed.
Now we arrived just as the first band was finishing their set. What I did hear sounded a little like Skid Row, making me wish I had seen their whole set. Oh well, just another opening act.
I suffered through another opener and was getting antsy for Queensryche. That’s when The VooDoos took the stage. I would call these guys pop/rock but they were good. I wasn’t the only person to comment on how much the band sounded like Tesla.

Queensryche took the stage in celebration of their 30th anniversary. They kicked things off with “Get Started” off their new album, DEDICATED TO CHAOS. They followed that up quickly with “I Don’t Believe In Love” from OPERATION: MINDCRIME.
I had heard that Geoff Tate had been having vocal issues. If that was the case he hid it well, always encouraging the audience to sing along. He is a true showman and knows how to work a crowd.
For being 30 years old, the band sounded great and those in attendance made it known that they still supported the band.
Queensryche closed out their set with “Silent Lucidity”. However, the band did not leave the stage for long. They returned and blazed through “Jet City Woman”, Empire” and “Eyes of a Stranger”.
Queensryche did not disappoint. Those in attendance received a good dose of rock n’ roll. The only true disappointment was that there were not more in attendance.