Queensryche Show Review – Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI

May 5, The Intersection. Why were there so many people here? I had only seen The Intersection sold out a few times. I mean, there was a line of people out the door at least 45 minutes prior to the doors opening. You may have thought it was one of the American Idols, but you would be wrong; it was for Queensryche.

You remember the band from the 80’s? They have at least two “classic” albums, trust me you know who I’m talking about. Well, if the size of a sold out show is any indication, Queensryche has not been forgotten by the faithful rock ‘n’ rollers. The crowd was an older crowd but if the reaction of the fans was any indication, then they thought they were all back in their teens.

Queensryche is on tour supporting their new album, American Soldier, which made an almost two and a half hour performance. They covered three sets of music: Rage to Order, American Soldier and Empire.

The old school fans readily new the Rage to Order material. The next set was for their recent release of American Soldier. At one point Geoff Tate’s 11 year old daughter, Emily, took the stage with the band to lend a few lead vocals. Yes, talent runs in that family. She handled the stage like a true professional, even signing autographs after the show; she told me she doesn’t like math.

The crowd was not as familiar with the new material but it was a passion filled set.

Then the moment the crowd was waiting for. As the Empire album cover flashed up on the screen the crowd erupted. It’s a wonder the place is still standing. The band fed off this new energy coming off the crowd. Geoff didn’t even need to sing. Everyone found their voices as the band ran through “Jet City Women”, “Best I Can”, “The Thin Line” and “Resistance”. Over all they played 8 out of 11 songs from Empire and the crowd ate up every minute of it. Queensryche encored with “Empire” and the crowd went nuts.

Overall it was a great show. The band sounded great and looked great. Geoff Tate is truly one of the greatest vocalists of all time. He ranks right up there with Bruce Dickenson and Rob Halford. If you get the chance to see Queensryche then do yourself a favor and buy a ticket.