Relapse EP Release Show @ The Pyramid Scheme

I made my way downtown for a night of music as I was to attend the Relapse EP Release show; I was not quite sure what to expect, never having been to The Pyramid Scheme before. Word of mouth had good things to say about the location, venue and staff, although the sound system I was told was not what it could be for the room it is in. That all proved quite accurate, including the sound. As I first walked in, The Pyramid Scheme seemed as any other downtown bar; well kept, people mostly dressed for an outing of sorts (don’t let get me started on the state of so-called fashion in this town though…), and parking was nonexistent.  Lucky for me my partner in crime drove and likes to pay for parking.  The actual venue portion was behind a large closed door at the back of the main room.  Only subtle sounds could be heard from the other side so as not to disturb the atmosphere of the front room.  Many different beers on tap as well.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a ticket window and receive actual paper tickets at a small club like this.

But you aren’t reading to hear about the venue so much as the bands.  So let’s get into that.

I showed up in time to watch The Water Clocks perform to a somewhat populated room.  As the band progressed, more people gathered nearer to the stage to enjoy their talents.  A more ambient sound than I tend to enjoy of my music, but it was done well and it was clear the band wanted to be there.  They didn’t just phone it in, they actually made an effort to entertain and enjoy their own music as they want others to.  The songs that did include lyrics were passionately flowing from the lips of their singer.  You could feel the emotion behind them.

After many songs I returned up front to regain my hearing and my hydration.  There are bars in the venue area but I wanted to check in with a few friends that were there for the bar, not the band.  Once I heard the sounds of muffled music escaping through the large door, I made my way back to the stage for Relapse.

By this time there was no longer space to freely move, the crowd had packed in tight to line the stage.  I still made my way to the front, camera in hand.  If you are kind and in possession of a professional-looking camera then most anyone will move out of your way.  The crowd was a friendly, happy group; a telling sign of what to expect from the band.  These Relapse boys are just a laid back, enjoyable group.  After so many years together it was excellent to see the band so tightly fitting together and excited to play.  I have seen many a local band seem to lose interest in the live show after too many years on the circuit, such was not the case for these boys.

The fans were elated to be there, enjoying this special show from Relapse and the mood was further excited by the sweaty drummer’s removal of his shirt.  The ladies present let out quite the expression of glee.  Amused by the reaction, the band proceeded to play even livlier than before; the room was alive with music of Relapse.   Though the heat of the room got to me before the end of the set and I had to again make my way back to the front room, the night was easily a success for all bands of the night.