Reverend Horton Heat & Reverend Petyton’s Big Damn Band @ The Intersection, Grand Rapids


There are some things in this world you just have to see, whether you can conceive of it or not… and seeing a washboard lit on fire then smashed against the stage is just one of those things.  Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band took the stage and dominated it.  The three-piece band was not only visually impressive, but their talents were far reaching. Reverend Peyton himself was both the bassist and guitarist and impressed us as he played “Dixie” and “Yankee Doodle” on one guitar at the same time.  His wife, the lovely washboard player, had special red gloves for scratching her washboard and they coordinated with her bright red hair and cowboy boots.  It is not just their show, though, that makes them a worthwhile band: their actual music and lyrics were enjoyable as well.  I admit to having been a Reverend (both of them) virgin, but after this set I was hooked.  Next time they are in town, I am there.

Once they were through, Reverend Horton Heat claimed the stage.  These veteran musicians knew just how to please us.  With unique details of their clothing and an unforeseen energy beneath, they entertained for hours the masses that flocked to see them.  They did not leave anyone hanging; they continued to play for nearly 3 hours.  Well worth the price on the ticket stub.

The two bands perform wonderfully together.  So often there is a weak band in the mix for the night, but not at this show.  The whole night was strong and each member of the crowd left on a higher note.  There was even remotely enough seating at this event, which is a rarity among Intersection shows, but the venue made an effort to please this sort of audience as well.  While not many in attendance wore the usual rockabilly style of dress, it was encouraging to see such a diverse crowd of people coming together to enjoy some good ol’ music.