Ringside To Release New Album Lost Days on January 25, 2011

Hollywood indie-rock artist Ringside will be releasing their new album, Lost Days, on January 25, 2011.

Although singer and songwriter Scott Thomas played most of the instruments and produced, Lost Days features appearances from an impressive list of musicians and collaborators. Ben Harper is featured on the title track “Lost Days,” a somber rocker with a big chorus, and in the accompanying music video. Ozomotli contributed horns to two songs on the album, “Freedom” and “Good.” In addition to Scott’s own playing, Ben Harper, Kirk Hellie, and Brian Bell from Weezer also play guitar.Joey Waronker, Jim Keltner, Josh Freese, Norm Block, Sandy Chila, and Jon Pikus played drums. Esthero, Res and Graph Nobel sang backing vocals.

The album was co-produced by Balthazar Getty, who also is the beat maker for the band, adding his electronic touches to heighten, intensify, and contrast with the more traditional rock guitars.

It’s been nearly 5 years since Ringside’s debut album was released, and a lot has happened since then, changing and shaping the band and their music. For starters, several months into the promotion of their self-titled debut, Scott broke his back.

Not soon after, he agreed to let his friend Enrique Iglesias cover the song “Tired Of Being Sorry,” which was only beginning to become a radio hit for Ringside. Instead, “Tired Of Being Sorry” became an international sensation for Enrique, and another version was recorded by French singer Nadiya with Enrique. Scott produced both versions of the song, and “Tired Of Being Sorry” has since become the #1 longest-running song on the charts in France. Around this time, Ringside began parting ways with their former record label, also Enrique’s label.

After opening for Ben Harper in Australia on his own dime with nothing but his battered Gibson acoustic guitar, Scott was befriended by fans in Russia who brought Ringside there to play several private parties. Soon, private parties grew to large concerts at outdoor arenas several times a year. Scott has performed Ringside material while being backed by Russia’s National Cossack Choir and performs each Christmas with the Moscow Philharmonic at the historic and prestigious Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow.

Ringside set up shop in Los Angeles at Ocean Studios Burbank, where the band recorded their self-financed Money EP and Lost Days.  Recording over several years left Scott drained, and it wasn’t until friend and collaborator Jon Pikus began to manage the band that Scott was able to rediscover his muse, allowing him to write and record the final two songs for the album, “This Time” and “Satellite.”
The iconic Lost Days album cover was captured by Scott’s longtime friend photographer Michael Muller.

Scott contributed music to the James Franco film Good Time Max, and is currently scoring and writing songs for the upcoming film LOL.