Rocket Science CD Release Show @ Billy’s Lounge March 31st

A quick shot into the future where Rocket Science will be playing at the West Side Inn on May 21st in Muskegon. Go see it. I’ll tell you why you should maybe?

Now let’s head back in time a bit to the good old time before everything got all nice around here. Well, that is outside at least. Things were more than heating up inside Billy’s for the highly anticipated CD release for Rocket Science.  After three years or work local Emcee and all around cool guy Support (Sean Powell) and Producer Sir Manley (Curtis Manley) have put together a fifteen track masterpiece of lyrical driven hip hop gold. En Fuego my friend, very.  I’m jumping ahead a little here by saying this, but after what i end up seeing tonight it is easy to see this as a buffet for your aural pleasure, and Rocket Science is serving seconds and thirds.

I come in this evening while the show is going full force, a beautiful crowd of very happy faces is in attendance to show some love. Brickstreet hooligans are up on the stage making things very nice as I make my way through. I hope you are not one of two people in this city who does not know them. If this is the case you need to start dropping that shit into your head cause your brain does not know what it’s missing. Go ahead I’ll wait…………… Very solid stuff indeed. I am digging this night big time, the music is rolling in on me like some avalanche from up high. The vibe is unquestionable amazing as there is no trace of venom from any direction. Like the three years of work it took to make this, the fans here have spent the same waiting and wanting. No bad news is welcome here as Christmas has come for some.

The evening’s flow stay pretty constant through the opening acts as excitement builds for tonight’s main event. Just as that is the case now it is for Suport. With his work on the Red Tape and Full Of Shhh! mixtapes,  Suport has been bringing it to you already. A man on the scene in Eastown most of  you know him already even if you didn’t know his flow was sick enough to bring the CDC in. Then…….BAM…….they hit the stage with a fever that could not even be cured by more cowbell. What follow is two sets that are basically spanning time and space of the Hip Hop Universe. This album really does take you in many directions while not losing itself off course.  Tonight shitty rap music got shot in the face by Non Stop Hip Hop. Rocket Science I wish you the best of luck and sincere  congratulations, you worked your ass off and it shows.

Again Rocket Science will be in Muskegon at The West Side May 21st.  1635 Beidler Street, Muskegon, MI 49441-2325(231) 722-9315 ‎