Ruby Throat, Ventriloquist – CD Review

Hey, kids! It’s me again! I know it’s been a while. So, I decided to drop another review on you.

This time I’ve got something a little bit different to share. Today I give you: Ruby Throat. This is a collaboration between Chris Whittingham and KatieJane Garside. Some of you may be familiar with Garside’s work with Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena. I’m not. Honestly, I’ve never heard of them. You might recall that I live under a rock and I was never much for a lot of the indie stuff when I was young. I guess what I’m trying to say with all of this is that I’m approaching this with virgin ears. Scary thought, huh?

Granted, when I first read the name of the band, I thought, “sounds like somebody got their throat cut.” I have a metal background, so it made sense to me. Any-who, I popped the disc into the CD player and gave it a listen. Like I hinted at before, it’s a little bit different. And I like it.

Apparently they have two albums out right now, Out Of A Black Cloud Came A Bird… and The Ventriloquist. Out Of A Black Cloud… was just released on November 12. The Ventriloquist came out some time ago and is the album I have to focus on.

Like I said, I’m not at all familiar with Garside’s other work. Her vocals on this album are quite a change from the kind I’m used to. She has kind of a breathy, little girl style. This coupled with the mellow, laid-back music is rather calming throughout most of this album. The tracks I found to be most noteworthy (and palatable) are “House of Thieves”, “Dear Daniel”, “John 3.16”, and the two bonus tracks: “Consuela’s Newt” and “Boat Song”. I especially liked “John 3.16”. The best way I can describe that track is “16 minutes of sonic art”. You’ll just have to listen to it to see what I mean.

After listening to The Ventriloquist (the whole album, not the title track), I’m actually anxious to hear Out Of A Black Cloud… If you’re into all that is “indie”, “art”, or “expressionist”, I think you’ll like this one. Heck. I’m surprised that I like it. You can listen to “House of Thieves” and “Consuela’s Newt” on the Ruby Throat MySpace page ( If you’d like to bypass MySpace, you can go directly to KatieJane’s website ( to purchase CDs and and other merchandise via PayPal.