Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, Girl

Scary Cherry 'Girl' coverWhen I initially listened to the first track, “Don’t Wanna” off Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs’ album Girl, I liked it a lot.  I thought it was raucous, fun as hell, feminine-tinged punk rock… but nothing I hadn’t really heard before.  As I listened to the rest of the album, though, I realized I wasn’t giving them nearly enough credit.

The band, composed of Scary Cherry (Lead Vocals), Tony Coke (Lead Guitar), and Minx the Jinx (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards), made an album which is musically much more complex than simply straight-up punk rock. Songs like “Glitter” and “Get it off,” are flavored with a generous pinch of regular ol’ hard rock. Another track, “Face,” has a spacey sound almost reminiscent of Pink Floyd.  “The Secret, Frankie?” has a definite dance flair, and “Tracked Down” has a darker, Manson-esque sound.  Meanwhile, “Cut off your head” sounds like a psychotic Betty Boop musing—complete with background static. Even “Don’t Wanna” seems more varied upon closer listening. The rough, at times screamy, lead vocals are met with softer, almost angelic, backing vocals and the overall effect of the song is both polished and rough at once.scarycherry5_400

Such musical variations help express the theme of the album. The Girl this album is conjuring is both hard and soft, feminine and tough, and will frustrate your expectations at every turn.  She is very sexual and smart, while maintaining an ethereal ingenuousness. She is angry, yet confident, beautiful and determined, and can be gentle —or cruel.

Ultimately, I would call this album Riot grrrl spiced shock rock that effectively questions traditional and subcultural preconceptions of femininity.scarycherry2_400