Scorpions, Sting in the Tail – CD Review

The Scorpions have been around for the better part of 40 years. During this time they have produced some of the best classic/hard rock albums/songs of all time. Who can forget “The Zoo” or “Rock you like a Hurricane” or “Winds of Change”?

Well, the best rock band to come out of Germany is at it again. Sting in the Tail is a no holds barred rock album that only the Scorpions can deliver. The album starts off on a high octane pace that will have your windows rolled down, stereo turned up and one fist pumping (you can’t use both hands; you have to keep one on the wheel). “Raised on Rock” the title track and “Slave Me” just out n’ out rock. “The Good Die Young” is a very elemental song; it still rocks but I recommend closing your eyes and let the lyrics paint a picture in your mind… you’ll be singing the chorus in no time. “No Limit” picks up where “Slave Me” left off, sitting at the top of a roller coaster ready to plummet to the bottom and into a loop and back to the top. “Lorelei” has a haunting beauty about it. In fact the song is very reminiscent of “Winds of Change”. The Scorpions turn it up again on “Turn You On” only to take it down a notch on “Sly”.

The album ends on a high note with the up-beat “Spirit of Rock” and “The Best is Yet to Come”. If you take a look on the back of the CD, you’ll notice seven letters in red. When put together they spell out “It Rocks” as if the band is telling us what you will figure out after the first track.

Sting in the Tail is a must-have. The album maintains the quality of music that fans have come to expect from The Scorpions.