Sevendust: Interview

I’ve been a fan of Sevendust since the beginning, so being able to sit down with Morgan before their show at the Orbit Room was pretty awesome. Papa Roach had originally been headlining the show, but dropped off last minute to play somewhere else. Many people I know were bummed and even thought of cashing in their tickets for refunds, but it ended up being the best thing that could’ve happened. Morgan himself had mentioned how he thought Sevendust didn’t have much of a following in Grand Rapids and thought the show would be lacking an audience because of Papa Roach’s absence. Instead, it was the exact opposite. It was clear to see that everyone there was there for one reason: Sevendust. Plus, fans that night got much more than they expected, the band played some of their older hits, like “Bitch” and “Black”, and also treated the audience with tracks from their new album, Cold Day Memory. The band also took it down a bit and played a few acoustic tracks, all the while keeping the crowd entertained and happy their entire two hour set.

Here’s what Morgan had to say before the show:

Amanda: How does it feel to have the original line-up back for the new album?

Morgan: Love it. Clint has been back for a bit, it’s been two years but this is the first record since he’s been back.

Amanda: I love Cold Day Memory, I think the vocals amazing, and it’s Sevendust’s best album yet. How do you think it differs from the previous seven albums?

Morgan: Well, the last three were without Clint – It’s obvious just with his input on everything. We focused on song writing instead of trying to show off in areas, and we didn’t really think of structure too much before, so this time we just concentrated on making good songs.

Amanda: How has the crowds’ feedback been so far, towards the new album?

Morgan: It’s been killer; it’s the best I can ever remember us having, except for maybe Animosity when that came out, but the vibe feels the same.

Amanda: What are your favorite songs to play on stage?

Morgan: “Pieces” is my favorite probably, and I like the new album, I like “Splinter”. I think “Black” would be my least favorite, just because we’ve played it so many times. It got to a point where I just couldn’t play it anymore.

Amanda: What do you guys do on the bus to pass time, while you are on tour?

Morgan: Play a lot of online poker, and a lot of movies, got a lot of big screens in there, and TV’s in the bunks, so if you don’t feel like dealing with anybody, you can hide out in there.

Amanda: Do you guys have any inside jokes between the bands?

Morgan: Not this tour around. When we were out with Drowning Pool, they had a tech of theirs that they called ëGoldie’, and he would spray paint everything gold. We’d leave and play the show and come back, and all our food and everything would be spray painted.

Amanda: I’ve seen a few videos of you guys, where the band is singing walking the streets at night as a warm up – Do I sense a new single coming on?

Morgan: Haha – No, I don’t know what the new single off the new album is going to be, but I don’t think we’re going to do any new songs for a while.

Amanda: Where did the taping of your new video for “Unraveling” take place?

Morgan: Actually we didn’t even know that it existed. It was just an edit that the guy that did the DVD for the new record just put together, to kind of just give us our own personal video for it. I didn’t even know it was out, until somebody came up to me and mentioned that they saw the new video.

Amanda: I see you guys sporting Pitchfork gear a lot lately. Is Sevendust endorsed by them now?

Morgan: That’s Warren, our old guitar tech, he runs that company, so they give us a lot – We’re endorsed by a lot of different people. That was the new shipment that came in, and everybody tried not to wear the same thing, but we always end up wearing the same thing anyway.

Amanda: What do you like most about the music scene today, and how it’s changed from when you guys first started out in the 90’s?

Morgan: I don’t like it as much as I used to back then. There isn’t a whole lot of comrade left. A lot of the bands we toured with then are gone – You know, the Disturbeds and the Godsmacks are around, but most of the other bands are just gone.

Amanda: What do you think about today, with internet access, and how easy it is to get albums out to the public?

Morgan: It definitely helps out bands that don’t have deals, and even bands like us, who don’t have MTV anymore, but that whole thing that was there when I was kid, of dreaming of getting a record deal, and being put into a really unique group of people, that had a shot to do something special, is gone. Andy Warhol was totally wrong, its way more than 15 minutes of fame.

Amanda: On your guys’ acoustic album that you did a few years back, you did a tribute to Johnny Cash, what made you decide to go with the cover Hurt, rather than an original by Johnny?

Morgan: We had no plans of doing anything like that, we’re fans of his, and the day that we were filming that video and doing that show in Athens, was the day that he had died, and that song just seemed appropriate. We had already done a bunch of acoustic shows prior, and we hadn’t played it – I was gone the whole day, and I got there about two hours before the show, and they said you better figure out how to play it, because we’re playing it tonight, and we didn’t have a clue as to what we were doing. If you look at the video, you can see Clint playing and he’s looking down at the ground because he’s got the words written, since we had never practiced it before.

Amanda: What do you guys have in store for the future; do you foresee and end anytime soon?

Morgan: We have a lot left to do still, we finally got some good management, and we did a good record – that is what we had hoped to do. Make a good record and taking our time to write it, and we hadn’t had a lot of time to write the last three. It’s nice to have some extra time, and some management who knows what they’re doing, and who has a good track record, to be able to try and do something for us. We opened up the doors in Europe really big last year, so we’re going to do a lot over there, and we’re going to Korea at the end of June, and we’re going to Australia and Japan, and New Zeeland at the end of the year, so we have a long way to go – They never let us go home!

Amanda: So you guys are pretty much on tour then, for at least the next year, right?

Morgan: At least, probably more like a year and a half left.