Shayfer James- The Owl & The Elephant CD Review

Aptly categorized as “cabaret”, which is what attracted me to listen in the first place, Shayfer James has a talent for bright and witty music. It makes you feel as though you are gazing upon a great stage where the actors are merely characters and the pianist is a talented musician with a sound unlike any other. That pianist is James himself.

“When Heaven Closes” is a haunting song that not only shows this mans talents on the ivory keys and his lyricist abilities to pen wonderful musical words, but it also expresses his great vocal abilities. “Life Is Beautiful” is a clever tune with a wonderful beat upon the piano keys. An amazing song, like all of the music on this CD. “Siren Song” gives away the cabaret on this disc. This danceable tune will have you boogieing around the room. “Tombstone Road” is not only a musical experience but a visual experience with James’ fabulous lyrical abilities.

On a final note, do not hesitate to download or pick up a CD by this wonderfully talented gentleman. This is the best music I have heard this year, honestly.