Shim Moore Formerly of Sick Puppies has Released a New Single and Video “Hallelujah”

SHIM, as you may know as Shimon Moore, former lead singer of the Sick Puppies, has released a new single and video “Hallelujah” from his forthcoming solo album.

As with every song Shim has written, his blood and intensity is all over it. Following his split from the Sick Puppies in 2015, he pretty much lost everything including his band, money and identity. After being a platinum-selling artist, he went back to square one, and relied only on himself without any collaborators. The result is one of the boldest anthems of his career. Hallelujah is all about digging yourself out and starting the work to move forward.


So check out the video for “Hallelujah” below. It is a lot of fun to watch (who doesn’t love puppets?!?) and it is also a darn good song. I am impressed. I definitely needed a smile on my face today, and this helped me to achieve just that.