Shine 2009 Announces Debut Realism with Cascine, Collaboration with Paula Abdul

Finnish duo Shine 2009 announces the US release of their full-length debut, Realism via Cascine on April 12. An exploration in freedom and honesty, with nods to downtempo, soul, and golden era hip-hop, Sami Suova and Mikko Pykäri have created a perfect pop record: nine tracks dedicated to believing in something and doing what’s right.

Realism is Shine 2009’s follow-up to last year’s celebrated EP, Associates. It marks their second release, and their second project in collaboration with experimental pop label, Cascine. Also onRealism, and in the spirit of pop experiments, Paula Abdul appears on the single “So Free.” The result is fantastic.

Shine 2009 hail from Helsinki and are widely recognized with standing on the leading edge of Scandinavian pop. Their sound is distant and deliberate, clearly born in the present, but playing in other times and other places. Shine 2009 captures the universal moods of young adults caught in urban limbo – the distortion of timelines, a sense of being comfortably lost in transition.