Silent Hill: The Movies

So, I just finished watching Silent Hill: Revelation. Pretty good movie. I was happy that the nurses were back again, they were my favorite from the first. I don’t think Triangle Head got enough attention in this one though. Anyway, they definitely left it open for another…

Silent Hill's Nurses
Silent Hill’s Nurses

The original Silent Hill had us chasing a little girl into the ashen hell that is Silent Hill. I never played the video game. I kind of gave up on this kind of game after failing too many versions of Resident Evil (kinda like that film series too). So, the movie was good, creepy, dark, weird and fun, in a sick and twisted way.

The sequel brings back Sharon, the little girl from the first film. Now she’s a teenager, and now she has to go to Silent Hill to save her father (her adopted dad, that is). This one was done in 3D, but since I rented it from Netflix I didn’t get the opportunity to see the effects. I have seen a few 3D movies in the last few years and they have come a very long way since the ones I watched as a kid.

Even sans 3D, I found this sequel to be pretty good. They tied it in well to the original, and had some great actors. It was even a little bit of a Game of Thrones reunion (Kit Harington and Sean Bean). I especially LOVED the carnival scenes. I love a good carnival. But I was unnerved a little bit by the creepy clown in one of Sharon’s dreams… good thing my stint as a clown never went anywhere!

If you liked the first Silent Hill movie you will like this one. If you haven’t seen either and love horror films, I suggest seeing them!