Manchester-based electronic act Silverclub’s No Application EP was released in North America today through Hidden Pony Records. This follows the December 2010 release of Silverclub’s acclaimed Answers EP, which cemented their position as “one of the U.K.’s most-watched up-and-coming acts,” according to XLR8R Magazine.

No Application’s blend of quirky electro-pop draws influence from artists like Matthew Dear and James Holden, remnants of the times when frontman Duncan Edward Jones performed as techno/house artist DNCN. They’ve also drawn comparisons to Depeche Mode and LCD Soundsystem, or as Johnny Bramwell of fellow Manchester band I Am Kloot explains, “Silverclub’s got Bowie, it’s got Beck, it’s got Talking Heads, it’s really brilliant. I’ve got a new rival.”

Jones recounts a story behind the making of the EP’s title track “No Application”: During the making of this song in particular, I still used to frequent various techno/house forums, but was growing increasingly tired of the amount of insults loosely thrown around between the so-called “community.” There was a particular thread in which people would discuss which hardware and software they used, what was good, and what was bad. This particular thread was worryingly shy of posts from anyone who had released anything of note, and as I delved into it, I could see that it was basically just people showing off their own setup, and liberally slating others. As far as I saw it, if you didn’t have good ideas you could get down on the worst setup, having the best wasn’t going to help. Hence the line, “There ain’t no application on your laptop gonna give you soul.”

Stay tuned for the release of a full-length album, which will be put out through Hidden Pony Records in early 2012.