Sings with Stars: Book Review

Through a post by a dear friend on Facebook, I, a fellow published book Author, found out about another Michigander who had recently published a book. In my need and desire to support local artists I became very excited and knew I must purchase a copy of this book, even though I didn’t personally know the author. Bethany Greenier, author of Sings With Stars just got published, she has even had a signing done at a book store. She is on the path to greatness, even if it remains local. Her book was a sort of a memoir, though set in fiction, which helped her deal with some things from her childhood. I’ll refrain from details as you can get this info from her website at

Sings With Stars is a book about a 17 year old girl named Gigi who just doesn’t seem to fit in. She is alone in the world, except for an old man who runs a funny little shop. Her parents are gone, or so she thinks. In her spare time she sees imaginative worlds and draws what she sees… but is this really only her imagination? This book is captivating. The story flows wonderfully. I found it hard to put down and finished it in less than a week (this coming from someone who takes a month to read a paperback, general length). The imagery Bethany puts into her story and into her words takes you right into the story. I think someone should make a movie from this book. And both teens and adults are sure to love the story.

With a tease at the end Bethany tells us this isn’t the end of Gigi’s story. Another book is in the midst, hope I don’t have to wait too long for it. If you want to support talent in Michigan or if you are just looking for a great book to read, I highly recommend you pick up Sings With Stars. You can find out all about this book and its beautiful author at the website, including where you can pick up a copy of your own!