Skipping Girl Vinegar Launches Toy Monkey Into Space

Australian indie-darlings, Skipping Girl Vinegar launched their critically acclaimed Chase the Sun EP into America on Monday, June 25th, 2012.  The EP includes their must see ‘Chase The Sun’ – Monkey in Space film clip that saw the band (along with a team of cowboy, scientists, and artists) send a discarded hobo toy monkey to the edge of space (110,000 ft; AKA 4 x higher than Mt Everest). This is REAL – No Photoshop.

The EP showcases singles ‘Chase the Sun’, ‘Here She Comes’, ‘One Chance’ & ‘Sift The Noise’ that received heavy rotation across Australian radio. Where hi-fi swagger meets low-fi sway, Skipping Girl Vinegar have carved out their own heart warming, hobo-pop aesthetic that is testament to the band’s old-world authenticity and song craft.

The EP hints at what’s to come from their full-length U.S. debut, a broadened release of Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey, set for release later this year.


“An intricate work of art… deadly serious compositions, the lyrics dark, winding corridors of meaning.” – Herald Sun

“Blending Springsteen-esque hope with Luke Steele otherworldliness, tracks roar with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club infused energy with Lang’s lyrical strengths on show” – 4 Stars, Rolling Stone

“You find highlight after highlight, deep under the layers of the melody”  – 4.5 Stars, Time Off  Magazine

”Skipping Girl Vinegar are right on the money.  Subtle and adventurous… This is clever and original which is what good songwriting should be” – Sunday Mail

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