SKOLD ready to release “Anomie”, first album in 15 years!

[an-uh-mee] –noun
a state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values.

“Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been preparing my whole life for this album. I’m curious if people will actually ‘get it’,” so says SKOLD’s influential musical mastermind Tim Skold about ANOMIE, his first album in 15 years. “It really is completely self indulgent wankery, but that goes for just about every record I’ve ever liked. I don’t want people to expect anything from me, I promise only to remain defiantly and completely untrustworthy.” What can be trusted beyond a reason of a doubt, however, is that Anomie which gets released on Metropolis Records on May 10, 2011, is a monumental affair – an aggro aural mindmelt that has been hoped for and expected by fans for the last decade and a half. The album is set for release either as a 12-track CD or digital download (pre-order link: or as a digital deluxe version with two bonus tracks (pre-order link: As an extra special bonus to the Metropolis mail order, the first 1,111 pre-orders will receive a super exclusive hand-numbered and autographed Anomie postcard.

A multi-instrumentalist whose historical footprints include stints with Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, MDFMK, OhGr and Marilyn Manson plus numerous remixes, Tim Skold as SKOLD released the legendary self-titled debut in 1996, and Anomie is its official and very long-awaited follow-up. “To me, Anomie definitely feels like a continuation, but since I spent a lot of time doing other things, it is, for all intents and purposes, a new beginning,” Tim continues. A fully self-sufficient recording entity, SKOLD is a very personal project and Anomie was something that fulfills his own personal desires. “I really like the word ‘anomie’ and think it applies to me both on a personal and creative level but most of all I think it describes my music and how I make my music. There is absolutely no collaboration on this album whatsoever. The ‘drummer’ (me) hates the ‘guitar player’ (me). The ‘singer’ (me) refuses to do more than one take and the ‘bass player’ (me) is out doing other shit while the ‘Producer’ (me) really just wants to kill them all. It’s a very sick affair.”

Kicking off in the down and dirty minor chords with a searing electric guitar and sneering, gutteral vocals, “(This Is My) Elephant” harkens exactly what SKOLD is best known for – it is the perfect re-intro back to his psyche. “There’s just something about starting an album with a five minute, heavy monster with an acoustic guitar and bass solo ending,” he says of the track. When asked about all the different textures and feelings of the album, he replies,”It really wouldn’t surprise me if it was diagnosed as Schizophrenia but as you know, some of us prefer labeling the whole thing as Anomie. I pull both sound and inspiration from many different places. It is only when I step away and get a broader look at the album I realize just how much stuff is on there. I seized the opportunity and went as far as I could. From an artistic perspective, it is very decadent.”

The first single “Suck” is a majestic march, spewing out lyrics of dominance and pure snark, down to its NSFW anthemic chorus. From the guitar stomp of the “Becoming” to the angsty yearning of “The Hunger” to the midnight dance beats of album closer “Deserve,” Anomie is an album of rhythm and melody as it is about primal urges and psychosexual underpinnings. “I try to make music that is not derivative but still uphold some of the fundamental rock ‘n’ roll values,” he says. “I never thought about blazing any trails or to be pioneering for the sake of it but on the other hand I’m not afraid to experiment a bit and try ways of making music that strays from the norm.”

Since his last solo album in 1996, Tim Skold production and composition fingerprints have been impressed in accomplishments like Marilyn Manson’s #1 Billboard charting album The Golden Age of Grotesque (featuring the Grammy-nominated song “mOBSCENE”for Best Metal Performance) and the critically acclaimed Eat Me, Drink Me. In 2009, SKOLD collaborated with KMFDM on the appropriately titled album SKOLD vs. KMFDM.

Anomie will be released on Metropolis Records on May 10, 2011. The first single “SUCK” will be released as an 8-track EP on April 10, 2011 , including remixes from 16volt, Front Line Assembly, Combichrist and Bitteren Ende and three new non-album tracks “I Will Not Forget”, “Bullets Ricochet” and “A Dark Star” which garnered validation by accolades of TV placement in shows like NCIS and FlashForward, and through rabid fan consumption.