Statement on Robin Gibb’s Death from ‘Man with the Golden Ears’ Kal Rudman


CHERRY HILL, NJ – Robin Gibb will forever be remembered for his brilliant contribution with his brothers to the seminal “disco” soundtrack, “Saturday Night Fever.” The irony, however, is that those songs were written by the Bee Gees well before any thought about the movie, or disco. Robin and his brothers totally mastered the skills in writing upbeat music for the fast dancers. And their pride as songwriters exceeded their pride as singers.

Most of the disco hits you’ll never hear again, because they didn’t have legs, as we say in show business. But numbers count, and the Bee Gees had 29 Top 40 hits over 22 years. Like their disco era contemporary, Donna Summer, that high level of longevity doesn’t come around too often.

PHOTO CAPTION: At left, Robin Gibb with Kal Rudman, center, and Barry Gibb, the lone surviving member of the Bee Gees.