STEPDAD premiere “MUST LAND RUNNING” single, Warped Tour


Stepdad have unleashed unto the world a brand new track from their upcoming debut LP Wildlife Pop, due out June 12th on Black Bell Records. Head over to Noisey now to listen to the first single, “Must Land Running”, fittingly described as like “being in a zoo on LSD”.

The Grand Rapids foursome are also excited to announce that they will be joining the Warped Tour this summer. The tour includes over 40 dates and the likes of Rise Against, Taking Back Sunday and many more. Get more info here.

Stepdad was forged in an unrelenting bath of summer heat on Chicago’s south side in 2009 by songwriters/producers/college dropouts/solid bros Ryan McCarthy and ultramark on the foundation of their joint worship of Roland Orzabal and Brian Wilson. After a few quick months, the still nameless duo was sitting on a small mountain of songs. The name Stepdad was arrived upon by a random phrase generator and adopted without regard for the impending banality of rehashing that story during interviews.

Swiftly deciding that a low cost of living heavily outweighed the benefits of Chicago, Stepdad relocated to Grand Rapids (because it’s not Detroit) in their home state of Michigan and self-released their debut EP Ordinaire. Alex Fives and Jeremy Malvin were then added to the lineup on bass and drums respectively. This incarnation carried them through tours with Fitz and the Tantrums, Passion Pit, and Rubblebucket.

The success of infectious and heavily layered pop behemoths like “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails” and “Jungles” helped Stepdad gain the attention of producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Asobi Seksu, The Walkmen, Les Savy Fav) and in the summer of 2011, Stepdad readily shacked up with friends and bedbugs in New York City to record their debut LP Wildlife Pop, out June 12th on Black Bell Records.

Wildlife Pop presents a creative leap forward for Stepdad, expanding their already massive pop sound. “Will I Ever Dance Again” and “Must Land Running” successfully transplant their aptitude for unforgettable choruses into a larger sound bed while the galactic rainforest sensations of “Treasure Hugs”, “Exploring”, and “Starfriends on Earth” create the cathartic urge to sprint barefoot through a gauntlet of scorpions on a municipal trail paved with searing drywall screws (fortunately for listeners everywhere, this compelling inclination would be devilishly hard to act upon).

Wildlife Pop tracklisting:
1.Must Land Running
2. Jungles
3. Show Me Your Blood
4. Mystery in the Faking
5. Will I Ever Dance Again
6. To Ribbons
7. My Leather, My Fur, My Nails
8. Pick & Choose
9. Starfriends on Earth
10. Treasure Hugs
11. Exploring
12. Warrior (Jungles Part 2)

Have you ever looked through those funhouse mirrors that show copies of your reflection continuing infinitely? Imagine seeing that, but in a strobe-lit room with mirrors all around you. Then imagine you’re tripping on LSD.” – Consequence of Sound

“Stepdad’s debut EP is an excellent one and enough to hype their upcoming full-length Wildlife Pop. If you love electro-pop music, you will want to add this band to your rotation.” –

“After hearing it once, it’s going to be in your head all day. But you like having it in your head. Thinking about it puts you in a good mood; your foot starts tapping as you hum a few bars of it on your way to work/school.” – Sputnik

“One of the main things many can appreciate about Stepdad is that they are a band with personality: costumes, face paint, a very open and likeable online presence.” – Mostly Midwest

“About the only way I can think of to describe them is that it’s like laying in the warm sunshine on a lazy summer afternoon. You just have to relax and smile.” – Revival Magazine

“If Passion Pit and The Postal Service got drunk one night and had a kid out of wedlock, the result would be Stepdad.” – Blogcritics