Steve Steele, The Expat – CD Review

Mr Steele’s debut album is a concoction of metal, prog rock, and Jack Black.  He can just really sound like Jack Black.  You don’t really think it is a serious album at first because of it.  He has a melodic way of speaking, more than singing, throughout the album with that rolling tongue and fierce intensity that Tenacious D is filled with.

Once you get past that, there is some actual content there that can be good.  His sort of metallic voice does well to emphasize his songs. The songs themselves have some real merit.  Backed by what seems like a strong group of musicians, Steve Steele really commands his presence; I can only imagine what he might be like on stage. Jack Black with long curly black hair comes to mind.  I hate to keep comparing the two, but the image just won’t remove itself from my mind… which is unfortunate.  I prefer to let music stand on its own without intense comparisons of genre, style and other musicians.  That is always the last place I want to go.  But listen to the album; you will feel it too!  You also might feel a taste of The Darkness.  Their style was very much in the same vein.

As any good album, The Expat has a variety of song intensities: from in your face, fist in the air, to a slower progression of melodies culminating in an explosive climax that just envelops you.  For any metal, prog rock, glam rock, classic rock fan, this is sure to interest you.  There is depth to the quirkiness and a seriousness that can be found within the lyrics.