Steven Adler’s Appetite, Book Review

I saw this book on the shelf and I knew I had to read it. Unlike other members of Guns N’ Roses, Steven Adler is one of the members I know very little about. If you’re a drummer and unless your Keith Moon or John Bonham, people know very little about you.

I loved this book the moment I opened it. From the way it is laid out to Stevens bluntness about his life. As I read I found that Steven held no true animosity toward his former band mates. He has accepted responsibility for his own actions and addictions.
Steven writes about his expulsion from the band he helped create. The feeling that his friends, brothers, had turned on him.
He is very open about his quick descent, his dance with Mr. Brownstone. He had several health issues connected with his drug abuse, including a stroke, coma, and other infections. He writes about his outright dismissal of friends and family who tried to help him. At several points he even refers to himself as a junkie, an asshole. When he shoved his mother he was so deep in too the drugs that he just didn’t care.
In the end he writes about getting help and re-connecting with the music. He formed Adler’s Appetite and on the 20th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction was joined on stage by Izzy and Duff.

This is a well-written book. You will not be able to put it down.

My Appetite For Destruction
By Steven Adler with Lawrence J. Spagnola
2010 It Books