Stone Temple Pilots Show Review

Before arriving to the Fox Theatre for Stone Temple Pilots show, I was a little hesitant considering two things; I’ve never heard of Cage the Elephant before the day of the show, and I’ve never once seen a concert at the Fox Theatre.

 Fortunately to my surprise Cage the Elephant were amazing- Their stage presence combined with their huge wall of sound, made the performance very raw. They must’ve known that crowds in Detroit demand a great show, and they gave it to us. You couldn’t have asked for a more suited band to open for Stone Temple Pilots, because they were certainly the perfect choice.

The second Stone Temple Pilots took the stage, the whole theatre started going crazy, and when the lights came on, they revealed Scott Weiland taking a picture of the crowd. Once they started playing, you really noticed STP’s stage setup- They had one of the coolest electronic backgrounds that I have seen in a while. The band played all their hits from over the years, and front man Scott Weiland was on key note for note. It was cool to see that the band really seemed to be in great spirits throughout the whole show. The crowd’s energy stayed abundant throughout their set, and STP fed off it with a magnetic force.

I have to admit that over the years I have only felt so-so about Stone Temple Pilots. I kind of thought as though they were just another grunge band on the tail end of a dying movement, but after seeing them live, it’s easy to see that they are on top of their game. They definitely made a fan out of me, and it would probably be safe to say that about anyone else who was at the show that night as well.