Support A Local Michigan Painter In Realizing His Dreams

The Lookout

Kevin Robertson has been doing oil paintings for just over a year. He has sold more than 2 dozen of his original paintings. He paints mostly landscapes, lighthouses and ships. Kevin is trying to earn enough money through Indie GoGo to be able to get a good back stock of paintings done so that he can sell them at local art fairs and farmers markets. Indie GoGo, like the popular Kickstarter, is a website that helps those in need and creative folks find the funds to realize their dreams and/or wishes. People donate money, get a reward for their money and the artist/person can fulfill their wishes. Unlike Kickstarter, Indie GoGo users can get any money that is donated to them, whether their goal is fully reached or not.

If you would like to help a Michigan artist, and get some great art in exchange, please check out this project: An Oil Painters Dreams Fulfilled