Test Shot Starfish To Release ‘Music For Space’ October 5th

Test Shot Starfish will release their sophomore album Music for Space on October 5th via Subtractive on all digital platforms. This album celebrates the entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers which are the true rockstars of today. The 14 tracks on the album take the listener through a journey, music for the cerebrum, or as Test Shot Starfish (TSS for short) like to call it: The Thinking Man’s Techno.

Test Shot Starfish is Kyle Schember and Ryan Stuit. who met by chance on a movie set and a long-standing collaboration was born, in music and their production company, Subtractive. Despite this being their second release, TSS already has an impressive resume including amassing over 450,000 plays on SoundCloud with Song “Resonator” featured as song of the day on KCRW. Their music is also featured in the SpaceX webcasts and they scored the official Coachella documentary. Their music has also been featured in the “We Speak Dance” docuseries on Netflix.

The finishing touches for Music For Space came together after a night out at a Moog event in Los Angeles. TSS brought legendary electronic music producer Robert Margouleff (Stevie Wonder) on board to help finish the album. In addition to a massive all-star credit list, Bob formed an all electronica band called “Tonto’s Expanding Head Band” in the early 70’s. He pioneered the use of the synthesizer in modern music. Tonto in a sense is the grandfather of Test Shot Starfish.

Margouleff and collaborator Zeus are currently mixing TSS for immersive headphone surround. Test Shot Starfish will also release a vinyl set that will be mixed and mastered in ambisonic surround for headphone listening. This will be a limited vinyl release following the worldwide digital platform release in October.

The collaboration of synth origins with the glitched out melodies and edit style of Test Shot Starfish bring a healthy music history into the future of space exploration and travel.

01. Flight-Proven 4:56
02. Rolout 4:47
03. In The Shadow Of Giants 6:08
04. Approaching Dragon 7:01
05. Resonator 5:07
06. Forward Nostalgic 4:37
07. LC-39A 5:17
08. Sputnik 5:00
09. Heavy 5:49
10. Re-Flight 5:29
11. Andromeda 5:24
12. Return To Flight 4:50
13. Fly By 6:13
14. Ascent 9:24

Website: http://testshotstarfish.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/testshotstarfish/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/testshotstarfish
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsstarfish