ThanksKilling- DVD Review


The movie start briefly in 1621, or as the caption says, “the olden days.” It is just moments after the very first Thanksgiving. We then see books, attached to a woman, in the woods running and hiding from…. something. And then a turkey kills her…. with an axe??? Why an axe, he has a beak?

The movie then comes to present time, to a bunch of dull and dumb college students, who will soon begin to die too. They deserve it, for being so dumb.

As with most of the horror movies I review, this one too is full of bad acting, bad line and just plain bad everything. And that is why it is a cult classic.

This DVD has many extras, but the blooper reel is the best, in my opinion.

If you like B horror flicks, cult classics and laughing your butt off… you will love ThanksKilling.

(This movie was supplied to me, for free, from MVD, for review purposes.)