The Bailey Foundation Bird Rescue

In 2004 this wonderful non-profit parrot rescue was established. They are in Pennsylvania, but they travel and they take in birds from wherever there are parrots in need of homes. They not only rescue birds, but they also rehabilitate them and they even educate the public and owners in bird care. Unfortunately, birds, just like dogs and cats, can find themselves in unloving homes or their owners may find themselves losing their home and unable to take their birds with them. Foundations like Bailey’s help save these birds and find them new forever homes.

I was able to talk to an old high school friend that works with The Bailey’s Foundation and get a little more info on what rescuing birds is like. Trace Creguer started rescuing birds about 8 years ago with his first bird, an African grey parrot. Trace says that with this bird he learned that “people need to be educated about the life of parrots”. With that he added, “it just became apart of my life. What I mean by that is once I had CoCo, my African grey, it seemed like people just started asking me more and more and than before I knew it I was getting more birds because people would find out how good I was with the birds and they would tell me that they needed to find a home for their birds. So it just found me from there”.

How he ends up with the birds varies. Some birds just get dropped off , but mostly people call and let them know that they need someone to take care of their pet for them. Sometimes they get birds from the families of deceased people, because there is no one in the family that wants to take care of them and they have even gotten abandoned birds from foreclosed homes. Trace says “I have even gotten birds from animal control abuse cases”. Unfortunately animal abuse cases are very high. He says “birds are life animals not like your cats and dogs”. He informed me that birds can live up to 90 years!

I asked about the ability of finding forever homes for all of the birds that come in and Trace said “we can only hope that they will have forever homes. Most of the people we have wanting parrots already have one and they want to help. Like me, for example, my birds are in my will and they have a trust fund set up [for] when I die. They have instructions to go some place that I know they will be taken care of. I work with people to help them work it so they too can set up plans for the future.” he says the process for adopting one of their rescued birds is fairly simple. “Fill out an application and we will go from there. We will check references, and we will check with veterinarians that you might have [for previous pets]. We come out and inspect your home and make sure it is safe for a bird. We give you lots of tips and training about how your bird is and what to expect. There is an overload of information, but we never stop making sure that the bird is being taken care of and we will check in on them from time to time to see what is new and if your providing the care that the bird needs”.

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