The C. Walker Adventures: The Curse of Yama, by KF Ridley

Classified as a “young adult” book, “The Curse of Yama” is for more than just the kids. I am in my mid- to late 30′s and I LOVED it. This book has a little bit for anyone. It’s full of adventure, thrills and suspense. It is a story that you are sure to get hooked on, to the very last page.

“The Curse of Yama” is the tale of a young girl named Chloe who loves to go on adventures with her dad. In this adventure Chloe gets a little more than she bargained for. Her dad is struck by a curse and Chloe must do everything she can to help save his life. During her harrowing adventure she makes some new friends, human and animal.

This book shows the love of family, and how important it is to be brave when faced with danger. KF Ridley, the books author, did a wonderful job on this story and I am looking forward to her future Chloe adventures. “The Curse of Yama” is just the first in “The C. Walker Adventures.”

For more info on this awesome book, or to find out how to buy a copy of your very own, visit KF Ridley.