The Cult: CHOICE OF WEAPON – Album Review

Some bands are built to last. Some bands should stop while they are ahead and some bands are above it all. The Cult is above it all. After many line-up changes and in fighting, solo projects, break-ups and reunions, The Cult prove that it was worth it all with their latest release, CHOICE OF WEAPON.

Vocalist Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy have been the driving force behind the sound of The Cult since the early 80’s. It has been a partnership that has had it’s up’s and down’s. It is also a partnership that has produced some of the most recognizable music of the time (you can’t tell me you don’t turn up the radio when “Fire Woman” comes on).

CHOICE OF WEAPON is everything we have come to expect from The Cult. Dare I say that it ranks right up there with SONIC TEMPLE? Everything, from the art work to the lyrics has a deep meaning, even if the listener doesn’t get it. Its as if Astbury and Duffy are challenging us to divine the meaning. I, for one, do not look for meaning, although one may ask one’s self about a song titled “For the Animals”. If you are expecting me to point out my favorite song or stand out track, I can’t. This is a great rock album and you will find yourself enjoying every song from the opening track, “Honey from a Knife” to “Amnesia” and the final track, “This Night in the City Forever”. My advise is enjoy first, divine later. But whatever you do, make sure you pick-up what is one of the best rock releases to date in 2012, The Cult’s CHOICE OF WEAPON.