The Dead… Will Rise (2009), DVD Review

I get requests to review movies all the time. When it comes to bad horror flicks I am a sucker, a glutton for punishment. Half the time I am lucky if I can make it half way through the movie before I get tired of the horrible acting and lame plot lines.

However, this movie wasn’t so bad. The acting, at some points, could use a little work. But for a low budget horror film it doesn’t totally suck. Zombie movies are a dime a dozen these days and this movie doesn’t really give you anything new in the world of the dead, walking.

I did like that it tells two points of view on the zombie plague as it erupts. One view is through the inexperienced video camera of a group of twenty-somethings. The other view is through that of a news crew. Both groups get a first hand glimpse of the zombie apocalypse, as it happens to them and around them.

This movie was written and directed by Jordan L. Salki and is available through Eye Open Pictures.