The Entrance Band, Self Titled – CD Review

While listening to this album you can just close your eyes and let it take you away into its own little world. It can just zone you out and allow you to feel the music and melodies and nothing else around you. I suppose that makes the name of the band all the more suitable.

Some of it you almost have the feel of being at a live show listening to a jam band, it just has that natural feel and flow to the music, but then the lyrics begin and the music finds its purpose.

The album starts strong as “Lookout!” echoes through you with its catchy lyrics and rhythmic lure. Throughout the album they have their highs and lows as they progress to the end with “Hourglass”, a mellow end to this record. It really brings you full circle to the lengths of their range and energies.

Although the vocals were a bit unique and almost awkward to get used to at first, the more you listen, the more they seem quite suited to this psychedelic brand of music they are putting together here. I find it best to just lay back with a nice drink (or something), close your eyes and just listen…

Track Listing:

1. Lookout!
2. M.L.K.
3. Still Be There
4. Sing For The One
5. You’re So Fine
6. Grim Reaper Blues (Pt. 2)
7. That Is Why
8. Lives
9. You Must Turn
10. Hourglass

Released 01 September 2009, Ecstatic Peace