The Envy League, Seasons in Stereo – CD Review

Seasons in Stereo is a diverse sampling of what The Envy League has to offer. From brass to strings, from melodic harmonies to racing drum beats; this band really has managed to encompass a wide array of alternative/indie rock sounds in this one album. Seasons in Stereo proves to be a masterful showcase of each member’s many varied talents and capabilities as an artist.

While there are some weaknesses on the album in tracks that seem to made for the masses (a standard requirement these days), taken as a whole the album has a great deal of unique material to offer newcomers and devoted fans alike. It is appreciated that on a debut such as this there was not one cover.

No track on this disk more powerfully exemplifies the true spirit of The Envy League like “Speakeasy”. While others including the band may not agree, this is to be one of their strongest songs here. Their energy radiates off the song even in this recorded form, and there is a sort of honesty you can feel in their performance of it. Other songs such as “Minnesota”, “Goodbye Forever” and “The Impression” also share comparable qualities. Many songs are worth a mention and dissection, but it is better just to listen on your own than to merely read a review of my opinions, which are obviously good. The live performance is also something to behold. No album could ever quite capture the intensity or enigmatic energy that courses through the veins of each member on stage; particularly that of their sometimes inappropriately humorous frontman.

The album enhancements they made to some of their songs were impressive, such as the strings on “The Impression”. It adds this sweet orchestral quality to a song already filled with a soft piano track and rich melodies, adding to it the strong vocals, intensity of the guitar, and the lyrics themselves; it is an impressive composition. Adding these little touches really showed some of the creative potential that is brewing within these boys, even if they can’t always bring it to the live stage.

The professionalism and hard work they put into this album is unmistakable: you can hear it in every track. Hopefully one day they look back at some of their older songs and put together a little disk of those as well. They are undeniably ready to ascend beyond the local level.