The Features, Some Kind of Salvation – CD Review

This band first caught my attention with the single “Lions” that I would often hear on AltNation that I so love on XM radio. It was just a sort of upbeat catchy song, with an underlying tone of affectionate arrogance. I just felt an instant connection to it. After hearing it several more times throughout the coming weeks, I was more than happy to see what the rest of the album had in store.

At first I listened casually, mixed in with a few songs from other bands, but then a few songs kept catching my attention and when I went to see who the artist was, it was The Features. So I thought, okay, time to get serious, I will set it to play only their album. Since I have had it on repeat and quite frankly, I think this little group of Indie rockers from Tennessee really have something (which isn’t news to those who have been fans of their career for the last 10 years or so).

While I am not familiar with their previous albums, I have become quite the fan of this recent work: Some Kind of Salvation. I hear they have quite a fan base working across the ocean, it is unfortunate it is not as strong here. Anyway, let me get into the details… Several of the songs have this sort of retro feel about them, and you definitely feel that southing rock inspiration. One or two songs I even had to look up to double check and see if they were covers or not, they just had this familiar tone about them, like I grew up listening to them. But not in the sort of way that they felt unoriginal, I don’t mean to imply that, just that they really bring you back to some of the good ol’ rock of the 70’s or and maybe 80’s. As much as I adore their single, “Lions” I have grown even more fond of “The Temporary Blues”. They really have a knack for painting such colorful imagery in their lyrics and telling a story. “Wooden Heart”, “Foundation’s Cracked” and “The Drawing Board” I also think are quite notable right off the bat. I can’t think of one song I have felt a compulsion to skip over.

I know they are certainly not for everyone, but for me, growing up with such a variety of styles around me, especially just good old fashioned rock music… this album just makes me comfortable like I am back in that time. I know several bands these days are going back to this sort of thing, newer bands releasing albums of music like they could have been from decades past, but with perhaps a modern tone. I feel this somewhat fits into that category. They certainly have more modern songs, there is a stable mix. I look forward to seeing more from this band in the future and discovering more about their past.