The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon


Book Cover

Nine-year-old Trisha McFarland is walking on a trail with her recently divorced Mother and older brother.  Her brother is on another rant regarding the divorce when Trisha starts down the right side of the fork in the road.  She states that all she has to do is cut across the median and she’ll be back.  When she tries to cross, she finds that she can’t find the other road.  She ran in the direction (she thought) of the other road and ran deep into the woods.  She has a limited supply of food and water (about a days worth).  The only thing that she has to connect her with the outside world is her Walkman.  She tunes it to the Red Sox baseball games in hopes of hearing her favorite player, relief pitcher Tom Gordon.  As she moves deeper into the woods, she begins to lose her sense of sanity and can’t tell what’s real or not.  She sees Tom Gordon as a solid figure with her and he keeps her company.  Is he really there?  Is there something following her through out the day?  Is there something breathing down her neck when she’s sleeping?

Trisha is the main story and we follow her through the book.  She talks about her father and what happens when she stays with him.  He’s an alcoholic, its undetermined if he started drinking heavily before or after the divorce.  Her father is one of her hero’s and he also likes Tom Gordon, so they connect that way.  The Walkman provides few and far between news casts that update who ever is listening about Trisha’s whereabouts and whether or not they found her.  She does listen to some games on there also.  Although we don’t meet Trisha’s best friend Pepsi, Trisha starts acting like her with sayings and also swearing.

Stephen King is a very well known horror writer.  He started writing short stories and sold them to men’s magazines.  He’s used another Pen Name as well so he can put more than one book a year out.  The other name is Richard Bachman.  With more than 50 books under his belt and counting, he’s one of the most aspiring authors for other writers.  Every writer has a style, but his always stands out.  Most of his books are set in Maine and a lot of his books were adapted into movies. For me, Stephen King has been in my life since I was a kid.  I grew up with him per say.  I remember watching (not reading since I think they were to advanced for me at the time) It, Rose Red, and Dreamcatcher and most other of the movies that were adapted from the books.  Each blew me out of the water and I’ve always wanted more Stephen King.  Of course when I got older I’ve read some of those books, but I still haven’t stumbled upon all of them.  There are 50 of them, who has that kind of time? 

This book, compared with the others, wasn’t as horrifying.  It was a very fast read, and I felt myself not being able to put it down.  You start to think that something’s stalking, watching her.  Her imagination takes her on a wild ride, and it’s a little freaky.  It is also a bit childish, since it was coming through a child’s eyes.  Although it wasn’t my favorite books out of the ones I read, it was still pretty decent.  Like I said it’s all about the girl in this book, so we are following her through the woods, day by day, deeper and deeper.  The end (not going to ruin it for you) surprised me and all the questions I had throughout the book were answered.  Pick this up if you want a quick, thrilling read.