The Good Green Earth, Get Help – CD Review

This collection of music by The Good Green Earth evokes a sort of tranquility in me.  The alternative yet folksy style in which they convey their music gives a little something to enjoy for, well not everyone, but many people.  They have a great appeal with their high and low intensity levels as the album and songs each progress.    As you listen you can hear the variety of instruments pepper the landscape of each track giving that slight unusual flair to the music.

The vocals are strong yet comforting.  They echo through each song with a commanding presence that sees fit not to overwhelm the music that guides you through the album.  The last song on Get Help, “Crooked Streets”, is like a ballad that slowly builds to an satisfying end, nicely wrapping up the album as a whole.  Other songs on the album such as “Early Hours” give off a more upbeat yet slightly dark storyline and is one of the album’s examples of the underlying energy and depth.

Each lyric of each song it belongs to seems carefully crafted without any excess filler content.  Each song is a unique offering, though the album maintains a level complexity not making any song really feel as though it doesn’t belong with the theme of Get Help.