The Grownup Noise, This Time With Feeling – CD Review

This Time with Feeling is a relaxing adventure to experience.  Soft vocals mixed with mellow yet upbeat melodies lay the foundation for this album.


I don’t hear a lot of vocal range, but he has depth within the range in which he resides.  The smooth vocals gently weave their way through keys, strings and light rhythmic drumming.   The addition of female vocals in a few songs is a pleasant harmony to the ears.


This CD will certainly not get you up and moving around, but it is certain to be enjoyed while you relax in a chair on a sweet summer afternoon.  The subtleties of the music may not be your initial attraction to this album, but they will seep into your mind as you listen at length.  The music also has that hint of inspiration and emotion tied into the story that unfolds within the lyrics.   It is almost distracting how soothing the music is.  Your mind wants to wander as the music plays, this is good alpha wave music; it is hard to get hung up on the stresses of the day when you listen to this sort of music.  If you can get past the bit of sappiness that coats each note, you can easily enjoy this offering from The Grownup Noise.