The Latebirds, Last of the Good Ol’ Days – CD Review

The Latebirds come to us from Finland where they have a solid footing with an ever-growing fan base. Last of the Good Ol’ Days will be their first release to American audiences. This two-disc release includes bonus content from their Woodstock Sessions in which they feature five talent-filled songs including guest artist Kris Kristofferson.

The Latebirds are not a complete unknown on American soil, having recently toured with such artists as The Jayhawks, Wilco and Patti Smith as well as having appeared at various festivals including SXSW.  So now they release this album packed full of content.  Starting off the album is the title track “Last of the Good Ol’ Days” which demonstrates the smooth flowing artistry of the band.  Track 6, entitled “Fearless”, was written for and about Anna Politkovskaja, the Russian human rights activist killed in Moscow 5 years ago.  They dedicate the album to her and her passion.  The Finnish people cared deeply for her and her ambitions and felt the tragedy of this event strongly.   Many other songs also carry the theme of right and wrong in society and passionately convey their beliefs.

The second disc, The Woodstock Sessions is more America-inspired, documented well in their cover of “City of New Orleans”.  The vocals they feature in the song emphasize an ethereal quality that sends chills up your spine.

Boasting a variety of influence and musical styles this album unites all of those into one soulful sound with a folksy feel. Not that I am overly aware of the state of music in Finland, but if I had not known that is where the band was from, I would have thought they came to us from the Southern US.