The Megaphonic Thrift Announces US Debut with Sonic Unyon, Prepares for SXSW

Norway’s The Megaphonic Thrift (Stereo 21’s Richard, Casiokids’ Feddi and The Low Frequency and Stereo’s Linn and Njal) has announced the release of their upcoming LP, Decay Decoy,  March 8th on Sonic Unyon.   The album marks both their first album on Sonic Unyon as well as their official US debut.

The aptly named album stemmed from literal decay, as all of the band’s equipment was destroyed in a fire on the eve of the recording process.  However, The Megaphonic Thrift turned this initial disaster into a positive.  Seizing the chance to completely twist their sound into an unforeseen direction, the group borrowed and lent their way through recording the album, leaning on the help and support of their fellow musicians in Bergen (Norway’s hotbed of musical innovation).

It helped of course that like their forebears (My Bloody Valentine, Krautrock, Dinosaur Jr and more), The Megaphonic Thrift’s approach to songwriting is less than traditional to begin with.  Seeing the melody as a starting point for the song rather than the key determinant, the album was free to take shape even under the perilous circumstances the band found themselves in.

Decay Decoy Track Listing:
The Undertow
2. Talks Like A Weed King
3. Neues
4. Sister Joan
5. Candy Sin
6. You Saw The Silver Line
7. Dragon Vs Dust
8. Mad Mary
9. Queen of Noise

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