The Octopus Project’s “Hexadecagon” on 2xLP, Joins Devo On Stage at MoogFest!

The Octopus Project’s Hexadecagon Available On Double LP
+ Bonus DIY Zoetrope Insert with Special Instructional Video

Joins Devo On Stage at MoogFest!

 “A stereo mixdown of an ambitious live show involving 16 separate audio and visual feeds, The Octopus Project’s all-instrumental fourth album subjects uplifting minimalist themes to a garage-rocking frenzy.”  – SPIN 7/10 Review

“…powerfully rewarding and confirms The Octopus Project have moved into the front lines of America’s most imaginative and accomplished indie rock bands.” – All Music
“…an exploration of sonic texture, it’s a hypnotic journey against and through a wall of sound, the kind of album that manages to evoke a million emotions without a word, and will send you there and back again in an hour’s time.” – American Songwriter

The Octopus Project have had a busy year, and are excited to finally be releasing their newest  audio-experiment,  Hexadecagon, now in nifty album form (+ all formats  below)!  The Austin-based four-piece have spent their autumn co-headlining a tour across the U.S. w/ Polyvinyl’s newest signing STRFKR. and are making a stop in Mexico City before performing two final homecoming shows in Texas. 

While on the road, the band stopped by Asheville, NC for Moogfest last weekend, an annual festival celebrating the synthesizer and the man behind the machine (Robert Moog himself). Due to a twist of fate there, the band was able to become an extension of none other than the ultimate in synthy new wave, Devo! Luckily The New York Times caught it all.

The Octopus Project’s Hexadecagon is now released on CD, a very special vinyl edition 2xLP, and digital formats through Peek-A-Boo Records. The vinyl is a gatefold double LP spanning three sides. The fourth  contains several unique tracks unavailable on any other format, interlaced in concentric spiraling “roulette grooves,” so that the listener never knows which track they’ll get when they put the needle on the record!  The vinyl also includes a rarity of a bonus – a DIY Zoetrope insert that the listener can assemble and place atop the record as it spins to witness a stop-motion animated sequence. Each song will have its own zoetrope animation.

Sound confusing? Not to worry, The Octopus Project very thoughtfully made a complementary instructional video to help you assemble your own!  Watch the Building a Zoetrope instructional video and get your ‘trope on!


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