The Pomegranates @ Founders, Grand Rapids, MI

This was my first time going to Founders for a show.They had a pretty decent setup, though sometimes the vocals got a little lost. And of course, parking was a pain downtown on a Saturday night, but I endured it for the good of the music. I found the other concert-goers to be polite, but not friendly.

I arrived in time to see opener Jes Kramer entertain the massive crowd. I don’t know if it was the space it was in or if they just loved her that much, but the stage front was packed with onlookers. It was interesting watching this one-woman show as she switched between a variety of instruments and technology to achieve her desired sound. She is truly a talented performer.

Next up: The Pomegranates. This Ohio-based band came dressing white, head to toe, with blue satin baseball jackets. I do love the matching outfits that seem to be coming back a bit, it just adds a level of fun and cohesiveness to the visual show.I was only mildly familiar with the band prior to seeing them live, but they surpassed my expectations with their sound and showmanship. The fans were engrossed. As the stage area grew more claustrophobic for me to be near, I retreated to the exit. The sound carried well and I could get a better view of the masses of people who came out to see these guys doing their thing.

As I understood it based on a few people I convinced to chat with me, they were primarily here for the local bands, but were curious to see The Pomegranates and how they meshed. I am sure these guys added quite a few likes to their Facebook fan page this night. If you want to find them there as well, visit: or

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