The Puppet Monster Massacre- DVD Review

The Puppet Monster Massacre

This flick is set in 1985. It begins with a puppet hunter who stumbles upon a penguin who in turn beats the stuffing out of him (pun intended). Someone stands in the shadows, and with the penguin this shadowy figure drags the hunter back to a lab. The puppet in the shadows happens to be a mad scientist who places a parasite in the hunters beer belly. The monster then bursts forth into the world….

Blood and murder ensue. And also the killing of cute little furry stuffed bunnies. This film has everything, why it even has sex, drug and rock n’ roll. Although the majority of the bare breasts are on puppets.

When teenagers replace the furry bunnies as food for the scientists creature this flick finally embraces it’s horror genre placement. This puppet movie pays homage to some great classic horror flicks.

And even if, like me, you think that a puppet movie horror film is a crazy notion, you will be amazed. It is definitely worth your time to watch The Puppet Monster Massacre!