The Veda Rays, Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays – CD Review

The Cover – If I went by the cover of this album I would never have heard The Veda Rays (well, if it weren’t for the fact that I must listen to them in order to review them). It’s boring, and the pea soup green coloring of it makes me nauseous.

The Music – However, the music of The Veda Rays is far from nauseating. They have a great alternative, college rock, spacey sound. They display kind of a Pixies sound, though not nearly comparable to that greatness. It’s just an example so the people who like that type of music know there is something new out there somewhat like it. Get what I’m saying?

My Honest Opinion – The Veda Rays are clever. They have a good sound that isn’t like everything else that is coming out right now. Creative, music you could dance to, music you could chill to… The Veda Rays know what they are doing. They just need to learn how to create better album covers!