The Water Clocks, Self-Titled – CD Review

The Water Clocks

The Cover – Simple. It is the simpleness of this album cover that will draw you in. Greens and purples on a white backdrop. Just a smudge on the Grand Rapids music scene… but a beautiful smudge.

The Music – It is a simple and relaxing sound. The Water Clocks can help you feel peaceful. Their music isn’t mean and angry and loud like most music that comes from Grand Rapids. It is smooth, flows well. The music is like water. With only five songs on this album, The Water Clocks will have you begging for more!

In My Honest Opinion – I love it. I am not just being biased because I called GR home for 10 years. I am not being biased because of knowing someone in the band. I hadn’t even realized I knew someone in the band until glancing at the album’s back cover. I love it because it is different, it is relaxed. I love it because the instrumentation is tight. I love it because the vocals are solid, easy to follow and blend well with the music that it follows. If you like melodic rock, you will want to check out The Water Clocks.